Restaurants across the nation are already enjoying the transformational benefits of the Presto Smart Dining System

Faster Table Turns

30% increase in table turns during peak hours when the Presto System is used for ordering and payment.

Increase Average Check Size

26% increase in check size when the Presto System is used for ordering and payment.

Optimize Labor Utilization 

Generate Front-of-House efficiencies.

Presto Smart Dining System - Restaurant Tablet


Who's Using

With the Presto Smart Dining System, guests can browse menu items, place orders, play games, provide feedback on their dining experience, and pay their check at their convenience

Tablet in Restaurant


Guests can order and reorder at their convenience, instantly.


Entertainment at your finger tips. Fun for the whole table.


Guests can pay when they are ready, you benefit from faster table turns.


The Presto Smart Dining System offers your guests a complete dining experience from the time they place an order, wait for their food, to when they pay their check at the end of their dining experience. Unlike other restaurant technologies, which usually target just one or a few elements of service, the Presto Smart Dining System gives your guests complete control of their dining experience. The Presto Smart Dining System is the newest wave in the future.


By following the Presto System's Best Practices, these benefits collectively can generate more than $50,000 in extra pre-tax restaurant profit annually

Turn tables faster to reduce wait time, improve guest satisfaction, and increase revenue.

The Presto Smart Dining System never forgets to upsell. Generate additional revenue from existing guests.

Optimize FOH resources improving overall server compensation with higher tips.

Interactive menus and games increase guest engagement.




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