Our Presto System delivers the future to casual dining restaurants - today!  Thousands of restaurants have already deployed our Presto tablets on their tables, so their guests can order (we integrate to POS), communicate, play games and pay from their tables without having to wait. Guests get a more seamless experience, with control over every aspect of their visit. Restaurant operators earn more sales, speed up table turns and generate happier guests who return more often.

Besides making the dining experience fun and engaging, E la Carte provides analytics so that restaurants can get a better sense of how their businesses are performing. Our customers have experienced up to a 10% sales boost at individual restaurants – largely because consumers don’t have to wait to track down a waiter to order extra items. Table turn time has been reduced by as much as 7 minutes during peak periods, with significant increases in loyalty program signups. Wait staff benefits from higher tips. Everyone wins!

The Presto System not only allows guests to order digitally from the table with a custom designed tablet, it also allows guests to interact with interactive content and games, as well as pay their bill without having to wait for a server. Restaurant wait staff are also able to focus on more valuable interactions with guests resulting in higher guest satisfaction. Everyone wins!

Last but not least, the  Presto System's proprietary software platform also unlocks restaurant data that was previously inaccessible to restaurant operators, allowing them to make smarter decisions around guest satisfaction so that their brands can better compete in an age where digitally enhanced experiences are an expectation, not a luxury.




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