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Applebee's to deploy 100K Prestos

With a 2014 - 2015 rollout, 1 million guests per day will soon be able to order, play games and pay from their seats without waiting.

NBC's Brian Williams reports: "Starting next year, Applebee's customers will be able to play games, and order appetizers and desserts, from electronic tablets."
"Applebee's found that having tablets available tableside allowed them to reduce the overall table turn time and transaction time for their guests, and guests who were surveyed about the tablets reported a better overall experience."
"The device puts control of the restaurant experience in the hands of our guests." - Mike Archer, President of Applebee's
USA Today
"Tablets will change the way we interact with guests in restaurants." - Mike Archer, President of Applebee's
"The goal is not to replace human staffers, but rather to free them to focus more fully on serving the table." - Mike Archer, President of Applebee's
"The primary goal of the rollout is to eliminate a common 'pain point' that can hinder the overall guest experience: finding your server to pay the check."
"Applebee's chose a startup named E la Carte, largely because of its Silicon Valley pedigree. The company came through the Y Combinator accelerator program, and Intel is a major investor."
Huffington Post
"The tablets will do a number of cool things, like let you to pay the bill without any awkward back-and-forth between you and your waiter."
ABC News
"The tablets will come equipped with games, including ones aimed at single diners, couples, or families with kids."
Motley Fool
"DineEquity is taking the initiative on the technological front, which could help increase traffic and lead to improved top-line performance."
"Customers have been telling us for some time that they don't like to wait for the check. This was the first pain point that we heard about and we had a unique opportunity with this technology to make a real difference." - Julia Stewart, Chairman and CEO of DineEquity