Restaurant Tablet Ordering

Key Product Features

The Presto Smart Dining System was developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is optimized around the specific needs of full-service restaurants. It was designed to create a “win, win, win” situation, where owner/operators are able to track key performance indicators of individual restaurants and increase front of house efficiencies, wait staff can focus on higher value tasks and earn higher tips, and guests have a better dining experience.

Full Menu Order

Allows guests to order from the entire menu on the Presto System.

Easy Payment Options

Allows guests to pay the POS check using any credit card with a magnetic stripe, is also accepted by the restaurant’s acquiring bank for credit card transactions, and can be processed by the restaurant’s POS system.


The Presto System offers a wide variety of interactive games and entertainment for guests of all ages. The catalog includes single-player and two-player games that will increase guest engagement and spark social interaction.

Split Check Options

Allows guests to select from two split options, by item or by number of people.

Gift Cards

Enables payments via Gift Cards. Additional fees will apply. Specific functionality subject to separate statement of work.


Restaurants Everywhere Are Benefiting From

The Presto Smart Dining System

Tablet Ordering System for Restaurants

The Presto Smart Dining SystemTM is installed and operational in more than 1,800 restaurant locations nationwide. More than a million guests use the Presto System everyday and it processes more than a billion dollars annually. Our system also allows restaurants to scale an enterprise grade solution while empowering restaurant operators to make smarter business decisions and unlock a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Learn More About Our Product Options

The Presto System is offered in three editions - Silver, Gold and Platinum. This allows our restaurant partners to deploy a version of the Presto System that takes into account unique aspects of their operations. In particular, the three editions take into account differences in restaurant formats, sizes, and menu complexity.


  • 250 Menu Items    
  • 3 Menu Changes per Month
  • 3 Maximum Slides
  • 24 Tablets + Batteries
  • -
  • -


  • 500 Menu Items
  • 6 Menu Changes per Month
  • 6 Maximum Slides
  • 36 Tablets + Batteries
  • Call Server from Presto
  • -


  • 1,000 Menu Items      
  • 12 Menu Changes per Month
  • 6 Maximum Slides 
  • 48 Tablet + Batteries
  • Call Server from Presto
  • Order Directly from Slides

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